Kitchen cleanse

Get your kitchen rocking with the right food and utensils.


Sounds like we want to clean your kitchen, doesn't it?

Well no, but we do want to cleanse it of all the bad ingredients, foods, and old habits.


When you book your Kitchen Cleanse, we come to your house and dive into your kitchen with you. We take you through your kitchen showing you what you should just throw out and keep out, and things you can keep and stock up on. We will teach you how to adopt good kitchen habits so you can start loving your kitchen and everything in it.


You will also receive a special kitchen hamper that will boost your kitchen to the next level. Available ONLY to clients living in Johannesburg, SA.


Included in the Kitchen Cleanse:

2 Jam packed hours of Kitchen Cleansing and a special hamper to give you and your kitchen a boost.

How to book our Kitchen Cleanse:

Send us a mail by clicking on the link below. Include your Name, Surname, Phone Number, and Home address.  When we receive your e-mail we will we'll send you a list of available time slots where you can pick one that best suits you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Session Information:

Appointment: A private 1-on-1 meeting with our coach on available time slots.

Session Duration: 2 Hours

Cost per session: R 2000.00

Location: Your home address