Health benefits of Cinnamon

The benefits of taking our cinnamon supplement.


Diabetes management:

Cinnamon has the potential to reduce blood sugar levels in the body which is integral in the fight against diabetes. It also helps in improving insulin sensitivity and glucose levels.

Anti-Cancer potential:

Cinnamic aldehyde and cinnamyl aldehyde which are present in cinnamon extracts are both substances that actively prevent cancer cells from spreading.

Mental health:

There is a chemical reaction in the brain when we smell or taste cinnamon. Research has shown that our cognitive function increases when this chemical reaction takes place.

Bone health:

The high levels of calcium and magnesium found in cinnamon give your bone health a significant boost.

Anti-Bacterial effects:

The potent natural antibacterial properties of cinnamon can prevent certain bacterial and fungal infections from impacting your health. Cinnamon was used as a food treatment in earlier centuries as it prevented the spread and growth of dangerous pathogens.



Cinnamon has 2 common types namely Ceylon and Cassia. Cinnamon is most commonly used as an aromatic ingredient and flavoring used in a large variety of foods and drinks. Cinnamon has many benefits including lowering blood sugar levels, supporting gut health, and anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, to name but a few.


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