Milk Thistle for better health

The benefits of taking milk thistle supplements.


Lower cholesterol:

Milk thistle may reduce the LDL cholesterol levels in the body. This is especially true in individuals who suffer from Diabetes.

Liver detox:

Milk thistle's active ingredient, silymarin, acts as an antioxidant that reduces free radicals in the body. This herb is especially helpful for combating liver problems.

Balance blood sugar:

Individuals with low blood sugar issues will benefit from taking milk thistle supplements as it helps to increase insulin and improve the body's sensitivity to insulin, resulting in lowered blood pressure.

Helps weight loss:

Milk thistle affects certain metabolic symptoms that are associated with obesity such as insulin resistance and inflammation. Supplementing with this herb will lower insulin resistance and inflammation which may result in healthy weight loss.

Improved bone health:

Silymarin plays a part in the role that prevents bone loss. It might also regulate osteogenesis and could be beneficial for fracture healing. Milk thistle contains this ingredient and can be used for the treatment of osteoporosis.



Milk thistle is also sometimes called mary thistle and holy thistle. Silymarin, an active ingredient in milk thistle is thought to have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


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