Sceletium for better health

The benefits of taking sceletium supplements.



Sceletium, also known as Channa, Kanna, or Kougoed, is a lesser-known but efficacious compound for boosting mood as well as other related issues.


In addition to being a healthy anti-depressant, it helps reduce stress without sedative effects, making it an ideal anti-anxiety supplement.

Cognitive enhancement:

Sceletium promotes cognitive support which leads to improved memory.

Promotes deeper sleep:

Sceletium, a plant dietary supplement can help restore natural deep REM sleep, leaving you refreshed and relaxed.

Used as an aphrodisiac:

Sceletium enhances intimacy and has a profound and authentic aphrodisiac and pro-sexual effect. It is based more on emotional responsiveness and tactile sensitivity, than a mere physical generated change in the body.



Sceletium is one of the best herbs to use for mental and emotional wellness. It is considered a nootropic herb and comes from a South African native plant. Sceletium is also used to manage anxiety and depression and to enhance moods, improve cognitive support, and boost memory.


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