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Welcome to our wonderful world of artisanal health supplements and various health products. Our range is carefully curated with only the best quality ingredients. Our product range is made with your, and your families in mind, giving you all the tools you need to embrace a healthy long life.

A letter from our Founder

A letter from our Founder

The Skinny Maverick story began in 1997 when I met the love of my life. We have been in school together since grade 8 but never really talked much until fate would have us meet up only towards the end of our grade 10 year, and as they say, the rest is history, we have been together ever since then, now 25 years later.

Fast forward a couple of years, when we started living together, I came to realize that Reon does not share the same healthy constitution as I do, after more than one midnight trip to the ER for fever, and being on countess antibiotics all the time, when the doctor prescribed him the 10th round of antibiotics for the year, he got up and just walked out the consultation room. I decided to take the matter in my own hands, surely this isn't a done deal, you can do something to become a healthier person, and ramp up your own immune system.

After some quick research, I quickly learned that what you put into your mouth has a big part to play in your overall health and quality of life. Some more research was done, and then I fell in love with nutrition and wat a miracle food is to our bodies.

Fast forward many years I actually just had enough, from the food and pharmaceutical industry always hiding sneaky ingredients in their products, and because there were products I wanted to supplement Reon with, but just couldn't get myself to buy the products and the ingredients that they were made with. I simply decided to just make them myself. Having a passion for mixing and engineering potions and powders and all sorts of things since I was little, this came to me easily to start making my own line of 100% pure supplements, and products, without sugar, fillers, and other nasty ingredients, and the list goes on.

Needless to say, Reon is in the best shape of his life, and he sure knows how to test my food strategies well, after a broken finger that healed perfectly after the doctors were assured it would have to be amputated, and actually couldn't believe it healed, we knew eating matters without a doubt, also we have not seen the inside of a Doctors room in many, many, many years.

It is my quest in life to keep my husband as healthy for as long as I can, and to make as many memories on this wild ride called life with him, and while I am at it, I decided that I would like to bestow the same gift of heath to as many people as I can along the way, so that they can also make as many memories with the people they love for as long and as healthy as they can.

From my family to yours